10 great apps you can install on your new tablet

Tablet computers are multi-functional electronic devices that can be used like a smartphone or computer. However, while this PC tool is usually fun to set up after purchase, it can also have some limitations.

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For example, choice the first apps to install on your tablet is not so easy, especially when you are using this device for the first time. It’s easy to get lost in the plethora of interesting apps available on download platforms.

You should start by installing some handy and useful apps to get a really good experience on your device. to The 10 best apps to install on your new tablet will definitely be very useful for you!

1. Netflix

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Netflix is ​​one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. With many useful features, you can keep track of yours favorite movies, series and programs connected. This app allows you to exclusively watch many series classified under different categories.

You can easily subscribe to Netflix to benefit from all its services. This program really is very tablet friendly. Wherever and whenever you are, it allows you to watch movies and many other programs without restrictions.

Netflix is ​​available a great entertainment tool study, have fun or even spend free hours. You will definitely find quality video content at your convenience.

2. Spotify.

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Listening to music is a popular activity for billions of people. Most users of tablets and other similar devices also pay primary attention to it. Therefore, it is a must have good app access and play good songs.

Among the possible options, Spotify is an essential alternative. It allows you to stream music and songs from all genres of music. First of all, its functions are many and very practical. You can easily find different audio content using:

  • From the title of the song;
  • From the name of the artist;
  • From the artist’s scrapbook;
  • From keyword etc.

Spotify offers many songs composed with different moods. Also found there podcastss, audio books and many other things.

Users of this streaming giant can download songs and listen to them later offline. Finally, Deezer is a good alternative to Spotify.

3. File manager

file manager
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Tablets typically collect a wide variety of data. These include music, videos, documents, apps, games, e-books, and more. Because of it is better to organize them and using them properly is very important have a file manager.

File managers are powerful programs that make things easy folder and file management on these digital devices.

File Manager is the best file manager for tablets. Free and practical, this program is intuitive and well structured. It has all the features you need for file management, such as:

  • Copy, cut or paste;
  • To compress or squeeze;
  • Sort ;
  • download;
  • Move ;
  • Rename;
  • Delete ;
  • Search and more

You should definitely install the software file manager on your new tablet.

4. Evernote

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Evernote is a handy multitasking app. Most are note taking tool. During outings, trips or conferences, this tablet app makes it easy to jot down essentials.

The program integrates lots of features for quick and easy note-taking. Evernote is also a planning tool which allows you to create a daily, weekly or monthly to-do list.

In addition, this application can be synchronized with other devices to access, for example, the task list. Arguably, Evernote one of the best apps on a tablet.

5. Google Application Suite

Google Suite.
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Continuationgoogle apps perfect for tablets. It includes many programs with quite different functions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Google Drive;
  • Google Play;
  • Gmail;
  • Google Docs;
  • Google Sheets;
  • Google Slides;
  • Google Photos;
  • To hold;
  • Google Maps etc.

This software allows back up your data in the cloud and then recover them in case of loss. You can use it to create spreadsheets, write texts, store documents, etc.

Without creatures ergonomic and extremely efficient These apps are feature-rich, so they sync and link through Gmail messages.

You can also download great games from Google Play Games. However tablets usually have most of the apps from the Google suite by default. If you don’t have them on your new tablet, you can download them on application platforms.

6. Password manager: LastPass

last pass
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The security and privacy There are two essential aspects of using an electronic device, especially a tablet. The security of personal data on the tablet is ensured Adopting a great password manager.

App LastPass is one of the best options for you. It makes it easy to create secure passwords in web browsers or on your tablet.

This app is for digital security in stores also passwords edited and recorded. This feature allows its users to avoid having to remember all passwords.

7. SwiftKey keyboard


Credit 123RFKeyboard SwiftKey is a mobile application for smartphones. Nevertheless, she is also there ideal for tablets. Unlike traditional keyboards, SwiftKey makes typing much easier.

You can configure this application to write text easily and quickly. With artificial intelligence and writing habitsthis program automatically suggests words to add after its writings.

In addition, he offers automatic, accurate and correct corrections. This app definitely offers one of the best alternative keyboards. It’s a must-have for your new tablet.

8. VLC video player

VLC Media Player
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Video players are computer programs that allow play video files, movies or series offline. Since many years, VLC is the benchmark video player for smartphones, tablets and computers.

It practically allows you to play all video formats. Its ergonomic interface offers many functions. For watching moviesVLC player is perfect for organizing and managing multimedia files on your tablet.

You can also use it to listen to music and create playlists. Finally, VLC integrates many other advanced features. to subtitles probably one of the most popular.

9. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle.
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Amazon Kindle is an electronic book store that offers many books in digital format. If you like to read or want to improve passion for readingthis app is for you.

There are many books in different genres and languages. All books in the app can be downloaded after purchase. You can also share them with your contacts. Amazon Kindle. obviously the ideal app to have a library in your pocket.

10. News 360

News 360
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News 360 is information app. It informs on various topics thanks reliable and verified sources. This app offers a beautiful interface that is easy to use. Its features are understandable and very practical.

One can select your preferences to be constantly informed about specific sectors. News updates are daily and news reports are fun to read.

With those 10 amazing apps To install a new tablet, you will definitely be able to get a better feel for your electronic currency. Finally, feel free to install other trusted apps that really interest you.

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