100 pages dedicated to retro technology

When we think of all the technological advances that exist in the computer world today, it’s incredible to think how old the first versions of these devices were, as well as their operating systems and hardware.

Many have had the opportunity to try every improvement in computers over time, but not young people, who usually do not know what these devices looked like in the past.

in this sense, Revista PC Magazine. took the initiative to issue a free special publication 100 pages Called Retrograde, they have created a series of interesting articles that will be part of their retro technology section.

In this way, the youngest and those who feel nostalgic for him 80s and 90s technology They will have the opportunity to see the hardware and software of the time. Also, people will be able to learn from this version How to build a retro team with Raspberry pi or help emulate dos,

As for the layout of this particular one, it’s simple and functional, even though it’s not hyperlinked, and it could be downloaded in pdf format,

You’ll likely see occasional ads in this version, but they’re not annoying photo and screenshot They come in good quality.

PC Magazine Retrograde Edition (2)

In terms of content, it is classified as 286 al 486 then amd Athlonvideo card cover From CGA to Nvidia GeForce,

Next is the soundtrack section where you can look at the mythology soundblaster y la roland m,

PC Magazine Retrograde Edition (3)

I move on to another topic Processor (T-32) and part of the operating system Windows versions 1.0 and 1.3,

Added to this is a chapter about IBM PC 5150The first computer with many practical articles that provide step-by-step instructions for building a computer with a modem, emulating DOS with a Raspberry Pi, or installing FreeDOS.

PC Magazine Retrograde Edition (4)

While the issue is available for free, interested parties can leave a donation or subscribe to a print issue to receive it monthly.

through microservices.

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