2021 full year results and 2022 Resumption of trade in the first quarter

LONDON, United Kingdom and TORONTO, Ontario, Canada 2022 April 29 Alphawave IP Group plc (LN: AWE, Alphawave IP, Company), a global leader in high-speed technology infrastructure, is pleased to announce its full 2021 results.

Excellent first-year results with more than 170% year-over-year revenue growth and a steady pace in the first quarter

2021 the most important

  • Record 2021 orders with more than 225% growth over the year
    – Expanded direct and indirect sales channel worldwide to accelerate pipeline conversion
  • Record 2021 revenue ($ 89.9 million) and adjusted EBITDA ($ 51.8 million) in excess of the recommendations and the average analyst consensus
  • Gross profit 94% and adjusted EBITDA margins 58%
  • Money in the balance sheet in 2021 31 December is 0.5 billion. USD. IPO revenues continue to be used to drive growth through both organic and inorganic investments
  • Strong in 2022 first quarter trade with more than 30 million. USD orders, 20% more than a quarter.

2021 strategic highlights

  • 20 customers, from 11 2020 including five of the world’s eight largest semiconductor companies
    – Four global hyperscalers as customers – all major global hyperscalers are now under construction
  • Accelerated recruitment worldwide, with 82 new recruits per year, the number of employees worldwide has risen to 154, in line with our business-wide strategy
  • Today, there are more than 80 IPs – the first customer products are now in production. Early fees should start in 2022, earlier than expected
  • The first demonstrated the success of silicon at 7 nm, 6 nm, 5 nm, and 4 nm
  • The first IP provider to have a full-scale ready-to-use IP portfolio from 7 nm to 4 nm at 112 Gbps in 2021. 2022 will be expanded to 200 G / 400 G / 800 G / 1.6 T at 3 nm and above
  • The first chip design wins, and early production is expected in 2022
  • Acquisition of Precise-ITC and expected acquisition of OpenFive to accelerate technology leadership and expand worldwide
  • The Board continues to trust the Group’s prospects for 2022

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