2023 Rugby World Cup. Marchand, Bale, Danty… France XV injury news

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France XV health care manager Bruno Boussagol first broke the news about Julien Marchand, who has been released from the 12.e minute in the opening match against New Zealand. He was caught in a backbreaker that stretched the top of his left hamstring when the New Zealand hook attacked. “We will evaluate his progress day by day, we have three weeks ahead of him to be competitive. That doesn’t mean we’re going to bring him back, but we’re doing everything we can to get him back. He makes a little progress every day. Mentally, he’s holding on,” he says.

Danty available

Center Jonathan Denty, who was retained against Australia in the last World Cup warm-up match at the end of August and against New Zealand, is still at the disposal of the coaches, according to Bruno Boussagol. He will report on Thursday in Lille (21:00) to face Uruguay.

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Bale back next week?

Injured right inside St Etienne against Scotland, left back Cyril Bale is continuing his rehabilitation and could quickly find his team-mates. “He’s showing speed which means he might be able to go on the pitch from next week. His aim is to be competitive for Italy. He passed all the benchmarks today. He’s in a good mood,” Boussagol said.

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Resumption of the Willemse race

Dropped from the 33 before the start of the World Cup with a left thigh injury, Paul Willemse remains one of the extras. That is why he is followed by employees. “He will be back in action at the end of the week. We are waiting for his progress to get to the next stage. He remains among the players who can return if the opportunity arises,” concludes one of the France XV’s physios.

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