3 JURASIC WORLD: THE WORLD PO, Colin Trevorrow [Critique Ciné]

As if he wanted to make people feel sorry Disney that he was firedEpisode IX about Star Wars that he had to write and direct, we are visited by a great adventure around the world Colinas Trevorrow. After the first part, in which the characters are re-introduced Dallas Brice Howard and Chrisas Prattas and brings back from the past Sam Neil and Laura Dern, the film rises very quickly in the second part of a very eventful and rich twist. Very far from everything we have seen in the rest of this button, this part clearly looks inspired by the latest James Bond and saga Jason Born in these action scenes close to an action and spy film with very cartoonish enemies in the genre. The strength of the film is to manage this time to integrate dinosaurs into scenes of this nature.

After this very original second part Jurassic World 3: The World After will return to basics on a new island inhabited by dinosaurs. Headquarters of an agricultural giant Byosine led by a kind Steve Jobs motivated only for profit. Again, the film won’t miss moments of real tension in the face of the many dinosaurs our heroes will face. Fans will surely be thrilled when the film introduces new species that take into account the latest discoveries that some dinosaurs actually had feathers. Originality will unfortunately no longer be appropriate in the last part until the last scene is too similar to the first sea ​​period world. However, this will not stop us from vibrating against the various adventures our heroes will have to go through.

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