328,214 new cases of illness have been registered during the day, the number of hospitalizations is increasing …

13:49: Taubira and Jado condemn the management of Jean Michel Blanker’s schools

Jean-Michel Blanker has not stopped hearing about the school’s health protocol, which was revealed in an article from Paris on Sunday night that will be paid for the next day and will finally be covered. “There are obviously significant failures on the part of the Ministry of National Education in managing this pandemic,” said Christian Taubira, attending primary school in the efle-de-France region. “The level was crossed when the protocol was not published on the National Education website. This indicates thinking about the privatization of state power, “she added.

“The ministry took two years to provide teachers with surgical masks instead of FFP2,” the “presidential” presidential candidate also recalled, stating that “when self-tests are available, they are essential and, if they are missing, they are not needed.”

“We have a minister who has become the driver of public schools,” and Janik Jadot, a candidate for the presidential election at EELV, surprised during a press release condemning the minister, who has been “going out of controversy for years.” Snuipp-FSU, the first primary school teachers’ union, condemns the “indescribable chaos” caused by the epidemic. A nationwide strike is scheduled for January 13, as the number of closed classes related to Covid-19 has risen to 9202, the highest level since spring 2021.

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