4 days a week: from dream to reality Rablab

We will not talk about nonsense, the life of the agency is a bit glorious with its events, meetings and several projects. But sometimes it comes at a slight, often steady, desperate pace.

For 2 years I have been much amazed at our relationship with the pace of work. When the pandemic broke out in March 2020, I remember working at 100 mph because we knew that entrepreneurs here needed our helping hand more than ever. But at some point it became difficult to endure. Why did we do that? Who really benefited? This period finally forced me to slow down.

To provide a less stressful, more productive place where people feel happier, we decided to introduce a 4-day weekly test, offering everyone three-day weekends from Friday to Sunday. An unrecognized dream is formed.

From theory to practice
As shown by a Icelandic study This was done in mid-2010 and it is certain that the teams will become more organized and productive in this new reality.

It is still a marginal movement in Quebec, but we decided it was the game to check it. We want to do this not only to be part of the movement, but mainly because we want to offer the best possible work environment and where team health is a priority. And trust me, if you want to introduce it just to look cool, it can get messy.

How will it work?
A 4-day week also determines the number of hours available. That is why we are moving from 35 to 32 hours a week without affecting anyone’s salary. That it is possible ?

First of all, on 4 days of the week, we will require 1 hour more working time per day. We then set ourselves the task of reducing the number of meetings and improving their relevance. This includes, among other things, setting a certain agenda, reducing time for each and inviting only the people you need.

In addition, Boite Pac will provide appropriate training so that we can use the best tools in the day-to-day organization.

It won’t be that easy!
Ironically, I don’t really believe in this “crazy idea.” That encouraged me to get involved in this project. For me, this was the best way to prove me wrong! And we have to admit that I now have good hopes for the future.

It will not be easy, as there will undoubtedly be controversy over how things are seen and done.

I think everyone at Rablab is well aware that this rhythm may not appeal to everyone, but we will try our best to satisfy as many people as possible.

Will the 4-day week become a permanent event and return in January 2023? Let’s talk about it again at the end of our pilot project, in the autumn!

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