40 years when you are Débrouillards!

That’s how it all started within the walls of the Agence Science-Presse.

In 1982, a modest black-and-white newsletter called I did little. And it was part of the continuity of the column of the same name, which continued for a little over two years and was sent to subscribed newspapers.

The Agence Science-Presse, then known as the Service Hebdo-Science, did send out a scientific newsletter at the time, Weekly science: As a news agency, it offered its content to subscribed media, who could use it at their own discretion. However, in the midst of this news, director Felix Maltais gradually added youth content from 1979: first translated from the Ontario Museum of Science, it quickly became original content – and just as quickly did the famous scientific experiments at home that were to become as one of the characteristics of a new baby.

Experience was summarized in the first book in 1981, The little pusher. And this, illustrated by a young cartoonist Jacques Goldstein, became one of the biggest bestsellers of science books in Quebec.

to I did little It was to be renamed in 1992 Ingenious. Meanwhile, almost everywhere ” small ingenious clubs – until the establishment of the International Federation of Small Inventors in 1987.

Ingenious In 2001 they were joined by a younger brother, Researchersintended for children aged 6-9, and in 2014 the big brother, Curryfor 14-17 year olds. It is these three magazines that in 2021 together reached an impressive circulation of 1.3 million copies. At the same time, animation activities in schools or day camps reach more than 50,000 new participants each year, and there are now 70 books that have become a success. A little resourceful. No wonder 40 years later some talk about it as ” National wealth The people of Quebec: its success transcends borders and generations!

Hebdo-Science 1983- Scientifix

The question that was put to Hebdo-Science in 1983 … is still unresolved.

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