5 planets to be aligned in June; here’s how to spot them

According to Sky & Telescope, observers from around the world will be able to watch the rare goodness of the sky in June. Just before sunrise, five planets will rarely emerge in the night sky. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn extend through the sky from low east to higher south in this order.

The connection of two or three planets is a fairly common phenomenon, but being able to see five at a time is a rare occurrence. The fact that these planets will be arranged in the same order as their distance from the sun makes this event even more special. At the beginning of the month, mercury will be hard to spot: viewers will need a clear view of the eastern horizon and may need binoculars to spot it.

But in the course of a month, Mercury will continue to rise higher and higher, and it will also shine in the dark sky. This will make it easier to spot a rare group of planets. The last such event occurred in 2004. in December. This time, however, the gap between Mercury and Saturn is much shorter than the last time we saw five planets in the sky with the naked eye.

Sky & Telescope says the planet set will be the most attractive on June 24, when Mercury will be much easier to spot. Viewers will also have about an hour to enjoy the connection between Mercury’s movement over the horizon and sunrise when it’s too bright to watch the planets. Interestingly, there will also be a shrinking crescent between Venus and Mars as the planets spread further into the sky.

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Even if on June 24th. cloudy, on the other days of the month you can still see a rare connection between the planets. All you need to do is wake up early before the sun sets and see the horizon freely where you plan to watch the glorious celestial event.

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