9 best sites to check the weather forecast

We often forget how powerful our smartphone and the internet are in general, and we take to the streets with doubts about whether we should wear an umbrella or an umbrella, or which shoe is better, and we just lie under the rain without any kind. protection and with white shoes that will take some time to remove stains. All this so that you do not look at your mobile for a few seconds and do not see what the experts say about the weather during the day.

For this reason, we offer you 9 websites with an excellent reputation that provide the weather so you can familiarize yourself with them before you travel and avoid bad weather.

The best sites to see the weather forecast

Top of the best sites to check the weather

Just as we have offered you the best apps to see the weather, it’s now up to the sites for people who don’t want to install another app on their mobile device, and these pages can be just as accurate as your best app. will find.


Aemet site

Website of the National Meteorological Agency

We start the countdown with the official website of the State Meteorological Agency, where you will find all kinds of weather forecast information. Any phenomenon that may occur in France, you will find all the information about it on the web, and it is that many of the other climate-related pages you visit get information from this site.

You will also find all of their social networks and customer service lines to keep you informed in a variety of ways.

weather and radar

Web weather and radar

Great site to see the weather in France

At Weather & Radar, you can see the weather for today and the next two days on a variety of maps, categorized by temperature, weather, and rain. These maps allow you to see the entire planet, so if you’re traveling to another country or want to know what the weather is like on another continent, just open the map you want, and that’s it. It has a table to see the lowest and highest temperatures for the next 14 days in different cities.

Weather consultation

Online time consultations

One of the best weather information sites

A site of French origin that works very well in France and other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. It offers detailed weather information for the next 15 days. Among the most important information we provide on this website, we have a map of wind, wave and coastal areas, although to access some of this data, you must subscribe to its premium plan.

It has its own app that is available for Android and iOS.

time 3

Website time 3

A site that provides weather information for cities in France

If you want to know what the weather will be like during the rest of the year, you have come to the right place, because here you can see the weather forecast until December 31 of this year. Although the weather may change for a variety of reasons, the site recommends watching for the next 14 days for more accurate results.

You can filter your search by province or city, and in addition to France, you can see the weather in other countries, such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, the United States, Paraguay, and Honduras.

Your time

Web your net time

Great site to see the weather

It contains not only the weather forecast for France and almost all countries in the world with very easy-to-understand maps, but also a Listen to the Weather section where you can listen to the dawn and dusk. twilight, temperature, wind speed and some other important data for the selected day. A good solution when driving.

The only detail on this site is that advertising can be very annoying, but you have the option of paying a subscription to fix it.


Web Meteosat

Website that allows you to view the weather by province

MeteoSat is a site that contains practically everything you need to know about the weather, with a very informative blog and many animations from space, infrared, black and white, high resolution, among other things.

They also have an Astromet store where you can buy telescopes, outdoor thermometers, rain gauges and many other weather instruments.

Time with JR

Web Weather with JR

Website with lots of weather information for France

This is a site that has grown over the internet in 3 years, adding more valuable information to anyone who visits it every day. Here you can see the weather conditions in the municipalities of France, rain, snow, temperature, wave, sea current, humidity maps and other very interesting maps.

It is worth mentioning that this site was developed by Jorge Ray, a boy who is only 15 years old and who also has a YouTube channel of the same name.

Weather forecast

Web Meteovigo

A site with weather and great articles

If you not only know the weather forecast, but you are also a fan of meteorology, you will love this site. Here you can see the Gulf Stream, volcanic activity, real-time lightning, NAO index, winds, snowfall, hurricanes, storms and more.

You can also visit their more than 10 blogs to find out all the weather around the world.


weather website

A website that offers a lot of weather

Finally, we have a site with a very user-friendly interface that allows easy access to each section. All your information is very detailed.

You can check if it is possible to go out and play golf on a particular course, go to school, go fishing or do any other activity outside the home. It has a very interesting section that provides health-related information such as air quality, pollen levels, the number of people diagnosed with the flu, and so on.

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