a new armchair in business and sustainable catering

Air France is introducing its new long-haul business showroom, elegantly attesting to the art of travel in France.
Constantly improving to always offer the highest level of comfort, the company is here again to visit its iconic seat, with all the curves and softness to offer a whole new version.
As a result, Air France is introducing a new standard for this cabin, with the gradual introduction of 12 Boeing 777-300s. For the first time in 2022. in the fall, he took off from Paris to New York for JFK, the company’s mythical goal.
Attentive service, gastronomy signed by French chefs, a strict selection of wine and champagne, a wide range of entertainment on board – the journey can begin.

Space saved

The 48 spacious seats in the cabin are in line with the 3 F concept: Full Flat, they are in real almost 2 meter long beds, Full Access, each with direct access to the aisle and complete privacy for greater privacy. The comfort of the seat and the ergonomics of the foam have been changed to make the sky fatigue-free.
The new sliding doors allow everyone to fully privatize their space, thus preserving the rest of the cabin.
The seats in the middle of the cabin have been completely refurbished for greater proximity when traveling in pairs. Now they have a central wall that can be simply lowered. You will then be able to enjoy the journey together.
Finally, in the front rows of the business cabin, the seats have extra space in front of them to increase comfort.
As a result of this important new step in the transition to higher markets, the 2023 in the autumn, all Air France business seats will benefit from full flat beds, up from 90% today.

Air France style

Air France presents the cabin and seat, elegantly showcasing the colors of its identity: the presence of dark blue, white, providing light and contrast, shades of red, embodying its craftsmanship and knowledge. The carpet on the floor revives the traditional ornamental herring pattern, symbolizing the symbolic world of the Haussmann apartments.

A sense of detail

When they settle into their armchair, everyone is greeted by an illuminated winged seahorse, embodying the myth of the company’s founding and its rich history. The padding inside the seat gives a feeling of softness and intimacy. Wool, brushed aluminum, French full grain leather: Air France preferred noble, soft and natural materials to make its seat. Each seat is also embroidered with a red accent, a symbol of the company’s brand.
Everyone has a soft microfiber pillow and a soft blanket during the trip. With a simple touch of a finger, the tilt of the seat and the intensity of the light in the room can be adjusted.
There is also a new Do Not Disturb feature that notifies the crew that the customer wants to rest.

Stay connected

Each chair features a large 17.3-inch 4K high-definition anti-glare screen, noise-canceling headphones and, for the first time, Bluetooth connectivity for personal headphones. The new next-generation graphical interface, available in 12 languages, makes it easy to navigate the rich and varied offer.
More than 350 films are available, including a large selection of French titles, as well as TV series, reports, documentaries, music and podcasts.
The wellness section also allows young and old to learn about meditation or sedentary yoga during the trip. Finally, kids now have their own browsing interface so they can easily find all the entertainment on offer to them.
Extremely connected, the seat also has USB A and C ports, an inductive charger and a computer socket.
In all cabins, customers have Air France Connect, the connection offered by the company. The portal offers three tickets, one of which is completely free, allowing you to easily send and receive messages and all information related to the flight and transfers.

Convenience kit for traveling

In line with its commitment to more responsible travel, Air France is offering, for the first time, a new comfort package made from 93% recycled materials. Its plastic packaging has been removed for the integrity seal. Sober and refined, it comes in two colors – dark blue and gray. Each set includes a cornstarch-based toothbrush and pen, as well as ear plugs wrapped in kraft paper to avoid plastic. A large sleep mask, socks, toothpaste and Clarins cosmetics complete the package.

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