A spokeswoman for Kanye West denied rumors that the rapper was “going out to seek help”; says they are “untrue”

A spokesman for Kanye West hit the record immediately after reports that the rapper was “going to seek help” following controversial events involving Kim Kardashian and her beauty Pete Davidson. Clarifying the story around West, his spokesman, Jason Lee, said the information was “untrue,” and joked that such reports only hindered Kanye from pursuing a “healthy environment” for her children.

Jason Lee, Kanye’s new head of media and partnerships, also revealed how the rapper aims to become a loving father and take care of himself. He also reiterated that all information not obtained from Kanye’s social networks or an official press release was “simply false.”

Kanye West spokesman reports rapper ‘goes out for help’

According to IR CanadaA statement issued by a spokesman for Kanye reads: “You watch all the headlines related to him and his family on a daily basis. which he shares with Kim.

Jason added, “He was focused on taking care of himself, being a current, loving father, and a creative genius long before all the false headlines we’ve seen recently,” and continued, “If you can’t hear it in your mouth, read it on your social media or get it from the press release he confirmed, it is simply wrong.

Jason’s statement was released shortly after a source close to the Kardashians mentioned that Kanye, now called Ye, had informed Kim that he would “go somewhere” hoping to recover. The source also said, “As for the children, Kanye told Kim he doesn’t show up in public and makes intrusive statements on social media, and he’ll go somewhere to recover.


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