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If I were to ask you the names of the words that come to mind when you talk about technology, many of them probably have negative connotations. To some extent this is normal; We live in a world where over-surveillance, cyber-attacks and network polarization are a reality that has long existed only in the dystopian future of TV series. There is no denying this, but there is a less harsh equivalent: Technology for Good, which is understood as the creation of technical products that help alleviate social, economic and environmental problems.

An example of this type of technology development was in 2017. earthquake, when a school rebuild map enabled citizens to administer humanitarian aid and helped to conduct the first census of damaged schools. Another use of the technology was considered in the same context @juntossismocdmxThis allowed distribution and real-time verification of collection center and channel support needs.

Technology is not just a means to an end: it also generates thousands—even millions—of data useful for understanding complex problems. When this data is analyzed and processed, the potential is even greater: technologies such as machine learning or chat bots They allow you to solve problems more efficiently and intelligently. Norma’s story is a perfect example of this.

in 2017 The #GoogleOrg Challenge invited people to create and fund social innovation projects that would have a positive impact on Latin America. Out of more than 600 institutions in Mexico and 2,300 institutions in the region, IMCO won with the Norma Project: Advocates for Victims. In a country where 9 out of 10 victims do not report crimes, Norma was born out of a dream for a safer and more just country.

A legal and technical team has created a website and platform to help people report robbery crimes in Mexico via SMS. In a world where everything happens fast, Norma, like any other technology, has not been untouched by its progress and rules. Changes in federal telecommunications law meant that what had been established had to be rethought. At that time, IMCO was looking for a strategic ally that would allow Norma to see the light and realize its goal.

He found that colleague at the National Civilian Observatory. In 2021, this organization took over the reins of this project. One of the biggest challenges in this new phase was updating this technology to the communication habits of users who have abandoned SMS and switched to other communication options through apps on their smartphones. With a new look and new features, Ella Es Norma can influence 21.2 million people today. of crime victims in the country each year.

As we have seen, technology is not just a way to create multi-million dollar business models. Technology is also a way of educating citizenship. Today, people have the opportunity to take an active role and use it to help reduce problems such as corruption, misinformation, lack of transparency. Projects like Norma make big changes possible. Let’s support the development and use of such technologies.

* Hugo Cruz is an Institutional Development Fellow.

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