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It is here, in our eyes, that a third-generation web is being created, the possibilities of which seem limitless. For many analysts, this shift towards decentralization at the crossroads of technology is only in its infancy. Although the first programs web3 emerges, there is an influx of economic giants. However, this new Eldorado is far from at risk.

Zakaryae Boudi, an entrepreneur specializing in new technologies including artificial intelligence and Blockchain, CEO of AbstraXio, explains the potential of web3 and the risks it can pose to businesses.

  • Can you just explain to us web3?

Web3 mainly introduces the concept of “ownership” in the digital world. It is based on the concept of decentralization, which it guarantees itself blockchain. Web3 allows you to freely transfer this digital property outside the platform on which it was created or acquired, but also to earn money, share it and interact with the web using a variety of media (eg smartphone, on-board computer, virtual reality headphones, etc.). Other technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality, are also seeking to expand the web3 and create a new concept. Metavers “.

The cryptographic digital asset we call Tokens (eg NFTs, cryptocurrencies, etc.) depends on the functions encoded in one or more smart contracts basic tools. These smart contracts therefore determines the potential, quality and utility Tokens.

However, we think you need to keep that in mind when it comes to smart contracts, we aim for computer algorithms with everything that it can involve (both because of the possibility and because of technical shortcomings). Without really delving into the details, the level of difficulty increases dramatically when a few smart contracts interact with the same digital asset.

In addition, the choice of applications related to digital assets, as well as the means of storing the related data (often from the chaindata storage in a block chain is very expensive) and can also affect its value, quality and usefulness Token worried. Failure to take these different parameters into account poses specific risks for web3 users and businesses in particular. Recently a reasonable contract wiped out $ 34 million worth of digital assets.

So, far from it hype and the current speculation on NFTs and cryptocurrencies more broadly requires planning, training, technological expertise, and operational excellence to get serious about working with web3.

  • How can web3 be an option for businesses?

The Web3 revolution will logically and fundamentally change current economic models, especially the approach to product development, marketing and sales.

Today’s pioneers, those who research and experiment intelligently, will probably be the big winners of tomorrow as they will have avant-garde web3 codes and culture. They will be more agile, therefore more opportunistic, and will therefore have a reactive community. All of this provides a significant competitive advantage as web3 is still in its infancy.

Already in a very short period of time, some companies are offering web3 projects to stand out from the competition. In this way, they show audacity and ingenuity in consolidating their communities and nurturing their teams. It also opens up new funding alternatives for them during the crisis and allows them to attract key talent.

  • What difficulties are companies currently facing in rushing to web3?

A parallel can be drawn between the emergence of web3 and what happened in the mid-1960s.th century with the discovery of gold in California. Thanks to the telegraph, the message spread around the world and in a few months hundreds of thousands of businessmen came to settle in the region (the famous gold rush gold rush). If the extraordinary successes are very well documented, we are less talking about the many tragedies and bankruptcies caused by the ubiquitous insecurity caused by the local government’s unpreparedness for this event.

The evolution of Web3 has also been so rapid that states have not had time to actually regulate it. At present, with the exception of a few scattered tax rules (such as the US and France), as well as a total ban on holding cryptocurrencies in certain jurisdictions (such as China), the legal framework is almost inconsistent. esama. This lack of regulation and common policy on the Internet3 is hampering many projects.

However, enthusiasm for these new markets continues to grow and grow rapidly, forcing more and more organizations and consumers of all types to take an interest in them every day. But the downside is that, unfortunately, it also attracts more and more hackers and from scammers to exploit technical and legal gaps. A specific example is the plagiarism of Hermès handbags and, more recently, Rolex watches. OpenSea also claimed in its Twitter account that 80% of NFTs created on its platform are plagiarism, counterfeiting or Spam. Our team of lawyers detects infringements of intellectual property rights against established companies almost daily.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons why our platform ” FeverTokens “, Which we will implement from next month, we will strive to offer a more secure system, so the web3 experience will be smoother and adapted to the unique environment of each company.

Nor must we forget the many technical and financial dangers inherent in operation Smart contractscertain Blockchain and more widely cryptocurrency environments for both businesses and their communities.

In short, our work over the last two years has revealed two groups of actors at particular risk. On the one hand, those who take web3 abruptly without real environmental experience and without obtaining relevant technical and legal advice: some of them are currently going to sue in foreign jurisdictions to deal significant damage due to poor technicality of their project or see how their brand abused by unscrupulous commercial partners playing on legal uncertainty. On the other hand, those who are still too much waiting and too afraid to experiment. You see more and more of the latter scammers focus on their customers and are forced to manage crises due to a lack of sufficient knowledge or proper communication.

  • What service (s) do you offer to your customers?

If the courts are currently unable to provide the legal certainty needed for satisfactory commercial development, and if the technological decentralization on which web3 is based can lead to a loss of control over companies’ projects and their image, it is still technically possible to reduce most or even all of these risks.

To do this, we use the necessary resources, and in particular the complementarity of our talents, Blockchain, web3 specialists, data architects, as well as financial and legal experts, to help our clients implement comprehensive and sustainable technologies that expand their existing technologies. technological possibilities. In some cases, we are implementing the first web3 / NFT projects that our clients want to initiate.

We exploit the full potential of blockchain technology to give our clients better control over their web3 projects and related risks. We offer them a high level of control and custom tools to keep them calm. Any project involves an integral part of the risk, but our expertise makes it possible to limit it technologically and legally, so that the customer can focus only on the commercial aspects, as well as on their ‘DNA’. trademarks. This approach meets the needs of our growing customer base in the luxury, high-end industrial and entertainment sectors.

We also offer our customers the opportunity to train their dedicated teams so that they can customize our tools and use them completely autonomously over time.

It is worth remembering that among the founders of AbstraXio, we have a lawyer who specializes in business law, who scrupulously ensures that we follow best practices and advise on changes – regulatory and legal – latest or even ideal. anticipation of the latter.

Finally, given the potential impact of such projects on our clients ’brands, we care about the highest level of confidentiality associated with the specifics of our partnership.

  • What are the next steps for AbstraXio?

At this stage, we want to keep our label. ” shop »Also our business model focuses on the quality of our customers (prestigious brands, large groups, public sector, etc.) and not on its development at any cost. We continue to support our existing customers with exceptional, quite sophisticated projects so that they can promote their brand (mostly already established) in this new digital space that offers unlimited potential.

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