According to Emanuel Macrone, “these elections are also a referendum on Europe” from Strasbourg, Marine Leepen defends the national priority TF1.

UDI calls for a vote in the second round of the presidential election of Emmanuel Macron

The Central Party of the Union of Independent Democrats (UDI), which in the first round supports the candidate of the Republic of Latvia Valery Pekres, on Tuesday called for the second round of the presidential election to vote for outgoing President Emmanuel Macron against Marine The pen. This position was taken by the party’s national bureau, headed by Jean-Christophe Lagarde MP “consensus”according to a press release on Tuesday morning during the political office.

UDI wants to “A mandate that is very different from the first, not the far-right program, the risk of collapse”. “For the first time, the far-right candidate can win”the central party is upset. “Nothing in his program compares to our values ​​or the projects we do.”he finishes listing “its position against Europe”, “His proximity to authoritarian regimes” Where “his demagogic economic proposals”.

“She doesn’t have a team with the skills and experience to manage, even working with Eric Zemmor.”, the party added. He therefore calls on Emmanuel Macron “Take much more account of France, which suffers from social inequalities and territorial inequalities”.

At the end of the afternoon, centrally-minded senators, who are part of the senator’s majority, also called. “Unambiguous vote by Emmanuel Macron, April 24”. Group of centrists in the Union “Marina Lepena’s economic, budgetary and European agenda is devastating” and “his dangerous international associations”. Senators from the Les Indépendants group also called for a vote “without hesitation in favor of Emmanuel Macron”.

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