according to the Pentagon, the conflict is likely to “prolong”; Vladimir Putin said that from Friday he will demand payment for Russian gas in rubles

Soprano deprogrammed for criticizing the intervention in Ukraine

The opera in Novosibirsk (Siberia) on Thursday announced that it had canceled a concert by the famous Russian soprano Anna Netrebko, scheduled for June, due to its stance the day before against Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine.

Mercredi, soprano a “expressly convicted” the offensive in Ukraine after being strongly criticized in Europe and the United States for its silence, as well as many Russian artists who are in a hurry to speak out.

In response, the Novosibirsk Opera announced the cancellation of a concert by a soprano living in Vienna scheduled for June 2. “Living in Europe and being able to perform in European concert halls has proved more important [pour elle] than the fate of the homeland “strongly condemned the Novosibirsk Opera in a press release.

“We should not be afraid of cultural personalities who turn their backs on their homeland. Our country is rich in talent and yesterday’s idols will be replaced by others with a clear civic attitude. “we can also read in the press release.

The Anna Netrebko controversy illustrates the delicate situation in which Russian artists, athletes and other celebrities have found themselves since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his troops to Ukraine on February 24. On the contrary, those called to Russia to show their patriotism or, failing that, to remain silent, are under pressure in Western countries to publicly distance themselves from the military operation and the Russian regime. Russian artists have been relegated to the sidelines in the West, especially conductor Valery Gergiev, near the Kremlin, fired from the Munich Philharmonic.

Anna Netrebko has also been criticized for expressing support for pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine in the past, for example by visiting their “capital” Donetsk in 2015, where she posed for the insurgent flag. The artist, who also has Austrian nationality, was also accused of being close to Mr Putin.

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