According to Time Magazine, in 2022, Valencia is among the top 50 destinations in the world

2022 is a good year for Valencia. It was specifically recognized as the best destination in the world by CNN, the Design Capital of the World and the Smart Tourism Capital of Europe. This is a new ranking that reinforces its place as an attractive and important city on the international scene. For Time magazine, Valencia is now one of the 50 best destinations in the world.

Valencia, the city of progress

Culture, architecture, gastronomy, festivals, scenery, coastline… So many factors have contributed to making Valencia one of the best places internationally. And what Time specifically highlights to justify its ranking is the city’s eternal evolution. Constantly building, reinventing and innovating, Valencia never harms its history and nature. A clever mix that revives the modernity of the avant-garde structures while preserving the square and the hide of the period buildings.

It is not for nothing that the World Design Organization has recognized Valencia as the World Design Capital in 2022. A name it owes to its many innovative structures, such as the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències or the new CaixaForum cultural complex. Exhibitions, conferences, events and many other wonders for the mind take place in a futuristic atmosphere bordering the water.

A sustainable city in the heart of biodiversity

And if you’re tired of cityscapes, don’t worry! The city offers wide green areas where nature regains its rights. The most famous of them is the Turia Garden, the real heart of the city and a paradise for athletes. However, remember that Valence has 14 large parks and gardens and almost 300 neighborhood parks. A wealth for biodiversity and a luxury for its residents and tourists.

Another strength of the city cited by Time Magazine is accessibility. Thanks to the new high-speed and low-cost train lines Avlo and Ouigo, Valencia has become easier and faster to reach. Not to mention, of course, its very well-served airport.

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