acquired immunity “allows the population to be protected”, but the fourth dose “is not excluded”, says Professor Bruno Mégarbane

Faced with still high levels of daily contamination, the infectologist franceinfo estimated that vaccination, infections and re-infections “allow us to live with the virus”.

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We do not exclude until the beginning of the school year“, in September, “the 4th dose needs to be redone for the whole population, but then you will see the circulating variants“In connection with the Covid-19 epidemic, Professor Bruno Mégarbabens said on France this Sunday.But there is currently no one that clearly wins in terms of spread and virulence.“he nuanced.

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All the new variants and sub-variants are very similar to the previous generation, and in fact the immunity we have acquired and maintain as a result of these repeated infections makes it possible to protect the population against severe forms of the disease.“noted Bruno Mégarbane.This is the famous collective immunity, it is a protective immunity against serious forms of the disease, but unfortunately not against pollution“, The professor remembered, thus justifying the number of positive cases on a daily basis.

Bruno Mégarbane, vaccination, infections and re-infectionslets live with the virus“and, he said, Covid-19,”as predicted“,”the cold virus should be moved very gradually“.

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