Ah! The first days of water

The Basque community is launching the event this weekend. Through educational and scientific meetings, it wants to inform the general public about bathing water policies and challenge a number of the ideas received. Turning to the entire water cycle, returning to the watersheds, just after World Ocean Day on June 8th.

It is not well known, but did you know that the main investment item in the Basque Community, with an average funding of one hundred million euros a year, is water policy? Bathing water alone costs 40 million euros.

Blue flag for bathing waters

At least 21 beaches on the coast are marked with a “blue flag”. All this year, the ARS is classified as “excellent or“ good quality. ”All of Anglet’s beaches are labeled this year, but what, by the way, does the blue flag mean, Professor PresseLib? measures.

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