Airbnb allows employees to live and work from anywhere

Airbnb says its employees can live and work almost anywhere in the world because the company has a policy of full teleworking to attract employees and provide flexibility.

Airbnb will allow its employees to live and work almost anywhere in the world, with a full-fledged telecommuting policy to attract employees and provide flexibility.

The San Francisco short-stay company announced late Thursday that the new policy will allow employees to work from the office, home or travel to 170 countries.

Employees will still have to meet in person at regular team meetings and events, CEO Brian Chesky told a report to employees. Salaries will not change if employees decide to relocate.

Employees can spend up to three months working in each country they visit each year, but they will still need a permanent address for tax and payroll reasons, which is “complexity”, but Chesky said the company is working on open source. solution.

The new policy will give the company better conditions to hire and retain the best people, as “it will not be limited to the range of talent to and from the radius around our offices,” Chesky said. Teleworking and flexibility “will become the predominant way we can all benefit. to work in 10 years, ”he said.

During the pandemic, millions of people began working remotely to limit the potential effects of COVID-19. Companies are starting to ask those employees to return to the office, at least on a mixed basis, including other technology companies such as Facebook’s core Meta and Microsoft.


This version is being revised to show that the new policy allows 170 countries.

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