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Sciences are bodies of principles, facts, and experiences characterized by their universal value, object, and methods, and based on objective and verifiable relationships. Astronomy, physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry are sciences.

The so-called exact sciences deal with principles that can be tested math ; experimental sciences are sciences in which the object of study is subjected to experience; Observational sciences are sciences in which reasoning is based on observation rather than experiment or calculation. Thus, science in its traditional sense requires the practice of observation and induction or hypothesis and deduction. They establish verifiable and universal laws.

In October 2023, France Culture publishes a science podcast produced and presented by Cédric Villani called A thousand and one science fiction.

The word “science” in the singular when we talk about “science” takes on the same meaning and the same precise definition in the early 19th century. Earlier we talked about science to get all the knowledge that is considered accurate and in-depth. Thus, the generalization of scientific methods and especially the practice of experiments and the organization of scientific consensus has created a practice shared by all scientists of the world among themselves, with debates, disputes and conferences that serve to build common knowledge. and ultimately it produces what we in common parlance call 'scientific truth'.

Science classification

Epistemology, which is defined as the study of the sciences themselves, allows for different classifications of the sciences:

  • sciences can be classified by purpose: thus they are fundamental or applied;
  • they can be classified by categories: formal sciences, physical sciences, life sciences and social sciences;
  • they can also be classified by methodology: logical sciences, observational sciences, experimental sciences, etc

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