AMATEUR. Let’s explain everything about the competition reform for the 2022/2023 season!

The news is expected from the beginning of the current fiscal year. At the end of last year, the federation announced a global review of amateur competitions, ranging from the federal series 1 to the series 4. The aim? Organize a more pyramid scheme to only reduce the level and number of clubs from the series to the elite. All this to harmonize the distribution and avoid differences in levels, to draw the quintessence of each amateur “floor” up to the gratin of France and the Kingdom of Navarre. So much for theory.

AMATEUR RUGBY. Discover the results of the Federal 3 8th Final and Quarterly Qualifications

Because in practice, many are wary of these measures. Especially in Federal 3, the championship is probably the most “affected” by these. Because if there are many of them to create a new semi-professional division (National 2) between Federal 1 and National 1 next season, they just as much have to ask questions about the productivity of the next federal teams. Divisions 2 and 3, which will have to take on the many opportunities to promote the off-season in the first place, when, for example, we know that 24 clubs (96 teams) will now be promoted in the 6th French Division. Will the differences in levels be more obvious?

Rugby.  AMATEUR.  86% victory, Southwest teams roll in the final stagesRugby. AMATEUR. 86% victory, Southwest teams roll in the final stages

The FFR (an ally of various regional leagues in Fed 3) has just pulled out a new trick to overcome it. The Federal 3rd completed the “full” funds of an average of ten to twelve clubs: there will be 5 or 6 team brewing pools at the 7th national level from September to December. They are expected to destroy everything and qualify for the top 48 national teams in the French Championship, which was first challenged through the so-called “elite” chickens from January to March. It is clear that 8 out of 6 new chickens will be created and will lead to the last stage. You see, Federal 3 will no longer have what its current population knows …

Welcome to the regional as well as soothing

Are you still following? So wait, it’s not over. Although Series 2, 3, and 4 will be overloaded in Regional Format 3, and Series 1 and Honor Promotion will be merged to form Regional Series 2, Honor will remain more or less as it is, but will now be called Regional Region 1. . 132 Federal 3 teams have not qualified for the French Championship, so their season will end at the end of December? Well no, there again you will be entitled to innovation. Because they will also start in the championship from the beginning of the next calendar year, which is crucial for maintaining, “play-down”, “trophies” or call it whatever you want.

AMATEUR.  Brittany wins!  Renna signs a sensational feat and goes to the NationalAMATEUR. Brittany wins! Renna signs a sensational feat and goes to the National

Hopefully you will like the 6th chickens as these phases will be challenged again in this form. As for the best qualifiers of the championship, which started in January, they will have the right to play in the following stages in order to keep the bets for everyone as long as possible. Former juniors today among the big ones, do you remember the famous “regional challenges” as we played in the Southeast in the spring and named them by location? There you will have the same consolation. Nationwide this time …

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