Amazon Jungle – A New Pharmacy For The World?

In order not to lose the knowledge of all American ancestors, botanists included medicinal plants in Guyana’s herbarium. Every year, between five and ten species are discovered in the depths of the primary forest during exploration missions. “We go to areas that have been very little explored and do a systematic inventory. Thanks to the collection, we discover species that are much more discreet, less abundant. There are still many things to discover.”analyzed by a botanist.

Several of these plants are tested in the laboratory to extract the active ingredients. Pasteur Émeline tropical wood sawdust was identified by the French Guiana Institute as a powerful mosquito repellent. “The discovery of this insecticidal activity is the result of three years of work. We tested about 85 plant species in this project. This consisted of several hundred extracts that were tested with mosquito larvae.“,” Explains the researcher.

In Guyana, mosquitoes carry yellow fever or dengue fever. Therefore, the eradication of mosquitoes in the larval state is a public health problem. Émeline insecticide is huge in mosquito breeding areas, ie in stagnant water.

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