American Wave Machines has announced a licensing partner for PerfectSwell Japan.

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Opening of a new office in the legendary Shibuya district, Tokyo

SOLANABEACH, California, 2022 April 20 / CNW / – American Wave Machines, Inc. today announced the creation of PerfectSwell Japan (PSJ), with offices in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. PSJ will build on the continued success of PerfectSwell Shizunami to address the development of mixed-use construction projects and resorts and smaller urban surfing areas. The PSJ team, made up of sponsorship and media professionals as well as professionals from Japan’s competitive surfing track, focuses on growing the Japanese surfing enthusiast community.

Our goal is to contribute to the Japanese surfing culture and promote the PerfectSwell brand, ”said Keiichi Hayashi, CEO of PSJ. We look forward to working with designers to combine surfing culture and contemporary architecture, while capturing the essence of unique locations. PerfectSwell amenities will offer both surfing competitions and a leading entertainment platform of great interest.

The historic debut of surfing at the Games last summer also featured a PerfectSwell Olympic Training Center. The PSJ plans to use the momentum created by the Olympics to give Japanese athletes more opportunities to compete.

PerfectSwell Japan will be a key part of optimal training with custom waves, said KimifumiImoto, director of PSJ and director of surfing competitions at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Tokyo. PerfectSwell’s facilities in Japan will welcome surfers from around the world, sparking enthusiasm for the sport and creating new competitive opportunities.

“Because everyone has equal access to the waves, with PerfectSwell you can feel the essence of surfing. Surfing is now more accessible, so many young athletes will be able to become world-class surfers, ”said dclar Masato Yukawa, director and professional surfer at PSJ. .

About PerfectSwell Japan

PerfectSwell Japan is a company that develops PerfectSwell surfing equipment from design planning to operations. PerfectSwellJapan will strengthen the spirit of surfing already prevalent in Japan.

About AmericanWaveMachines

American Wave Machines, Inc. is the inventor and designer of PerfectSwell and SurfStream wave technology. AWM creates places with world-class surfing equipment that delights surfers and is financially sound. The unique PerfectSwell and SurfStream technologies are protected by more than 50 patents worldwide. SurfStream sites can accommodate hundreds of people and PerfectSwell’s thousands of swimming pools. Since 2007 AmericanWaveMachines has more than 4,000,000 surfing sessions worldwide.

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