Amy Neumann gets a dream job with a social impact on high technology

Amy Neumann recently received her dream job in which she will help implement environmentally and socially important practices for businesses around the world.

Describing himself as “a fanatic of social goods and technology that has been making a difference for more than two decades,” Neumann is completing his master’s degree. Ohio University Law, Justice and Culture Program.

“I recently got my absolute dream job working on global social impact projects, mainly involving the bloc chain and DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations). RampRate“Said Neumann, CEO of RampRate and Partnership and Business Development Syzygy effectpowered by RampRate.

“As a woman in technology since the mid-1980s, I’ve always thought about how technology helps or does not promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and especially how technology can help alleviate these things. In addition, technology has great potential to help mitigate many human rights and social impacts. “Neumann said, adding that she was able to adapt the coursework to her career plans.

“My passion, my master’s essay, is to reduce global bias in new technologies such as the blockchain and artificial intelligence. Having worked in these spaces for many years and in technology for more than two decades, it is very important to me that we create less. homogeneous work teams, projects, organizations, committees, boards of directors and other groups involved in the development of new technologies, ”she said. “More diversity means less bias and better decisions statistically. The diversity of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) at all levels is at the heart of solving many current and future bias problems. My main essay project involves interviewing many of the best minds in space, learning from their wisdom (and share) ”.

Neumann said what she’s learning in the online master’s program also complements her work as executive director of Resourceful Nonprofit, a non-profit organization founded six years ago.

“The new ideas, skills, and insights gained from the program have allowed me to start several projects, join additional effective advisory boards and councils, and otherwise move forward quickly to help change the world,” Neumann said. “Discussions with teachers and students have really helped me establish where I am going and helped me get there faster than I ever could without the Center for Law, Justice and Culture.

“As we’ve all learned over the last couple of years, it can also be a big bonus to have lessons with people from all over the country or around the world like me (in online courses). Having those other talented, creative unique classmates with an interesting education and arrogant dreams for the future is inspiring in every sense, ”said Neumann.

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After examining a large number of master’s degree programs that were highly technical or highly focused on social impact, or just in law and policy, Neumann said she was delighted to have discovered OHIO’s law, justice, and culture program.

“It brought together so many interesting areas that I was interested in,” she said. “I like the program the most because it’s great for people looking for something nowhere else. The uniqueness of the program has appealed to me. It’s a rare combination of social justice, legal issues, human rights, philosophy, anthropology, and more.

Neumann said she quickly learned to reconcile life as an online student and working professional.

“Like anyone who graduated from college in a couple of decades, returning to student status at first seemed like a challenge,” she said. “But between teachers and other students, it was a bit of a problem. I quickly learned the pace of the course and the writing style, and the OHIO library also provided a lot of useful resources. It was fun to really feel the energy and enthusiasm to be a college student again!

“It was an incredible and fun trip! As someone who reads an average of about 60 books a year, I really enjoyed a more focused approach to learning when information was critically reviewed and discussed. I have a group of like-minded peers. Discuss and review topics and readings while learning It’s one thing to read a lot, and quite another to read, critically write, discuss with peers, and actually digest and discuss information, and scientific journals and readings have been a new (and welcome) addition to my regular readings. “I need to dive deeper and learn to think and review most of the information (in lectures or in general, going forward) in a more critical and new way,” said Neumann.

Internship and individual studies

Neumann said an internship or experiential learning experience and an individualized course of study with Haley Duschinski also helped her broaden her horizons. Duschinski is the director of the study program and an associate professor of anthropology at the College of Arts and Sciences.

“This semester, I was able to work with Dr. Duschinski to create an individual study course on block chain law,” Neumann said. – At the moment, it is practically impossible to find, and the fact that I can do it is a testament to the company’s flexibility and innovation. degree. It is perfect for anyone who is a creative, “unusual” thinker, and provides an opportunity for individual creative and personal guidance. There really is nothing like it. I would encourage everyone to discuss. For this reason, I am always happy to talk to anyone who is interested, to share more about why I like it! ”

Neumann also cites seniority at the United Nations Human Rights Council as the most meaningful course she has chosen.

“I really enjoyed the CLJC research internship at the United Nations Human Rights Council with Professor Haley Duschinski. We worked together to write the memoirs so that they could be read in the UNHRC hall,” she said. “Honestly, I enjoyed every lesson I attended. The teachers are very supportive and the other students are incredibly interesting and diverse in terms of background, work, focus and visions for the future.”

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