Apple explains the criteria for the App Store improvement process; Check out the details here

Over the past week, several app developers received an update from the App Store from Apple. The report states that if developers do not submit an update for review, their app will be removed from the Apple App Store. However, several developers have turned to social media platforms to complain about the inconsistency in removing Apple apps. For example, Kosa Eleftheriou, creator of the FlickType Apple Watch Keyboard, emphasizes that God pocket from 2015 An app that has not received updates is still in the App Store, but one of its apps has been removed.

Apple has released a new press release explaining its position on removing apps from the Apple App Store. The page reads: “As part of the App Store improvement process, the developers of apps that haven’t been updated in the last three years and don’t reach the minimum download threshold, which means the app hasn’t been downloaded at all or multiple times. rolling 12 month period – get email an email informing them that their gadget has been identified and may be removed from the App Store.

This means that Apple takes into account the number of downloads of the app. This means that an old app with a high number of downloads will remain in the App Store, even if the app hasn’t been updated for a long time. However, relatively newer apps that are less downloadable or not downloadable at all will be removed from the App Store in the coming days after the app is notified to developers.

Apple sends an improvement message to the App Store

The Verge cites a tweet from Potopop Games that includes an “App Store Improvement Notice.” The letter is addressed to the developer of the game and says that “this app has not been updated for a long time and will be removed from sale after 30 days”. Attached to it, the letter reads: “You can keep this app available to new users so they can discover and download it from the App Store after submitting the update for review within 30 days.”

The letter also states that the developers do not need to take any action to keep the app available to existing users who have already downloaded the app. Another Twitter user, @nickjsheriff, points out that apps whose developers haven’t updated their apps in the last three years or more are being reported. The same users also mention that more than 70% of Apple Play Store apps haven’t been updated in the last three to five years, which is a long time.

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