Apple, Google and Microsoft are developing password-free login technology with FIDO

In everyday life, users access many different platforms that request password verification. However, instead of setting different passwords for all platforms, people use the same combination of words and characters as multi-platform passwords. While this can be a convenient way, it compromises the security of all accounts with the same or similar password. So the Fast Identity Online Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium have developed a new keyless entry technology.

“In a joint effort to make the web safer and more accessible to everyone, Apple and Microsoft today announced plans to expand support for the common passwordless access standard developed by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium. allow websites and applications to offer a consistent, secure, and easy password-free login to users across devices and platforms.

FIDO Alliance

The press release also says that password-only authentication is one of the biggest security issues on the Internet. If a bad character tries to steal information from one of the user accounts, they are granted access to others with a similar password. The FIDO Alliance agrees that password managers that create unique combinations for each platform (and store password) and two-factor authentication are gradually improving the security of user accounts, necessitating more secure and convenient login technology. the need for an hour.

FIDO mentions that hundreds of technology companies and service providers from around the world have worked with the Alliance and the W3C to create keyless access standards that are already supported on billions of devices and across all modern web browsers. Companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft have led the development of this technology and now support their respective platforms.

For the password-free login feature to work, users have two new options. First, users will be allowed to automatically access their FIDO login credentials on most of their devices without having to re-sign up for each new account. Second, users will be able to use FIDO authentication on their mobile device to connect to an app or website on a nearby device, regardless of which OS platform or browser they use.

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