Apple iPhone 14 series faces quality issues with rear camera and memory: analyst

The Apple iPhone 14 series has some quality issues. To get things back on track, the company should move orders between suppliers as it prepares for the iPhone 14 launch. In total, three different components of the upcoming iPhone 14 series have issues – the display panel of the iPhone 14 Max model, the LPDDR5 RAM of the iPhone 14 Pro model, and the iPhone 14 rear camera lens. More information on these issues can be found below.

Apple analyst informs about iPhone 14 rear lens quality issues

in 2022 July 27 noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted about the iPhone 14 rear lens coating and cracking issue. Kuo says his latest survey shows that Genius iPhone 14 rear lenses suffer from quality issues. To avoid quality issues affecting iPhone 14 shipments, Apple transferred a massive order of around 10 million units from Genius to Largan. Kuo also explains that the Genius coating crack problem should not affect iPhone 14 shipments, as Largan can place an additional order and fill the supply gap in time.

A few days ago, Kuo also reported another quality issue with iPhone 14 memory and board suppliers. First, the analyst mentions that Micron & SK is likely to supply LPDDR5 memory for the iPhone 14 models, but since the latter has faced some quality issues, Apple may hand over orders to Samsung. The South Korean conglomerate can produce additional chips to meet the production target within the specified time. In addition, Kuo mentioned that Samsung and BOE can largely fill the initial supply gap caused by LG Display’s panel appearance issues.

This does not necessarily mean that exiting units will have these problems. In fact, Apple is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to quality checks, and that’s how the company identified these issues. The iPhone 14 series is expected to launch in September.

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