Archroma introduces a new eco-friendly advanced wood protection technology

Archroma Introduces Siligen MIH Liq, a new eco – friendly advanced wood protection technology developed in collaboration with the University of Gottingen, Germany.

Because wood is a natural raw material, it evolves over time, making it so unique and beautiful. At the same time, it is an expensive, sustainable and carbon-efficient resource that must not be wasted.

Wood is particularly sensitive to climatic conditions, especially moisture, as well as fungi, termites and marine organisms. Over time, this can change the strength, stability and durability of the wood. Most treatments used to protect wood are based on biocides and can contain toxic substances such as heavy metals.

Therefore, Archroma and the University of Gottingen (Germany) decided to examine a solution to extend the service life of outdoor wood materials, as well as their appearance.

The result: Siligen MIH liq, an eco-friendly wood modification treatment for more stable and durable solid wood, plywood and wood-based composites such as windows, facade coverings, outdoor furniture, patio decks, grounded platforms, parquet. floors and marine applications.

It is applied by impregnation and subsequent drying. Wood impregnated with Siligen MIH can be dried and the molecules fixed at <80 ° C with equipment already available in most production facilities using conventional biocides. Thus, energy consumption is similar to the treatment of many aqueous biocidal wood preservatives.

Siligen MIH liq treated wood provides excellent protection against decay fungi. Treated wood has better atmospheric properties and retains its natural appearance, less discoloration and feel.

“Our research has for many years focused on the development of new wood protection systems,” said prof. Holger Militz. “With Siligen MIH, we investigated a system in which wood is protected from fungi and termites without the need for complex processing technology. Existing vacuum and pressure equipment and conventional wood dryers are sufficient to use this new technology.

“We are very excited to partner with like-minded partners such as the University of Gottingen,” added Miquel Vila, Archroma’s global head of emerging markets.

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