Atmospheric RPG Grimrock legend, inspired by Eye of the Beholder and Ultima Underworld, turns 10


It’s time to celebrate all the fans of classic 80s-90s style role-playing games because the toy The legend of Grimroko, well in line with old school standards, is 10 years old! The genre of dungeon crawler, unfortunately, is not as popular as before, but it has a kind of attractive energy that makes you go into danger and adventure.

A small study was responsible for the development of this amazing project Almost a manformed from former employees Remedy entertainment (first 2 parts of Max Payne and Alan Wake) and A sign of the future. The Finns clearly did not expect their role-playing, in a rather niche sub-genre, to gain much popularity among players, but first and foremost.

History of the studio Almost a man started with 4 brave men who decided to take on a very old game formula – Dungeon Crawler. Given that it was no longer zero years in the yard, I had to adapt in some way to the adventurous players who were ready to write an adventure map on a piece of paper and to the requirements of the new audience. In order for the players to receive constant information about the project, it was decided to create a forum and a blog for the developers.


The game was originally released on a personal computer for GOG and Steam. With the release of the 1.3.1 fix, an editor has been added to create custom dungeons and content, creating a vibrant modification community. After a great deal of success (600,000 copies at the beginning of 2013 and almost 1 million at the end of 2014), the developers decided to move The legend of Grimroko iOS platform 2015

It was decided to give up the desire to do DLC because. already mature ideas and ambitions for a full-fledged sequel. Legend of Grimrock 2 was no longer housed in the dark dungeons of the prison, but throughout the island, resulting in non-linearity. The engine of the sequel had to inflate. With increasing budget, team size, and increasing improvement, Almost a man it turned out that we managed to create a game of no less quality (in many ways surpassing the first part), but this is a completely different story …

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