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All about DAB + radio

You can listen to the radio on your devices, offline and without recording broadcasts, using DAB + radio !!

DAB + is the standard for digital terrestrial radio broadcasting and the natural evolution of FM radio because it works in a similar way but uses digital technology. This results in a higher quality signal that reaches locations that were previously impossible.
DAB (digital audio broadcasting) is a new form of radio broadcasting over a terrestrial transmitter network, in addition to analogue FM broadcasting. This gives the listener more options and information with clear, high-quality sound. This technology allows the receiver to maintain the best signal it can find.
When using digital DAB stations, no frequencies are stored; tuning is done by station name, so you don’t have to re-tune when you change locations.

◾Digital terrestrial radio with advantages

Digital portable radio is an evolution of the classic traditional analog portable radio and typically includes new features such as digital tuning and the ability to preset your favorite stations. This way you won’t have to waste time searching for your favorite station and even the reception of the channel will be much more accurate.

A modern portable radio often has the functions of a clock radio, in some cases it acts as an air station, and can also be used as a simple speaker due to various digital ports such as USB, SD card reader or wireless technology. some: this way, you can stream your favorite music or play MP3s with ease with a modern small radio.

Other important advantages of the new generation of portable radios over traditional analogue models are better digital audio quality and lower weight and cost due to integrated circuits. Digital electronics are extremely versatile and allow the control of systems with a large capacity of receiving stations and a wide range of functions.

◾️Radios with design

The design of digital DAB radios includes many different models that in some cases go back in time, inspired by the radios used by our grandparents. Of course, there are also models of more modern and futuristic designs, such as cubes.
Other portable DAB radios offer a wide range of playback and have powerful subwoofer-style speakers designed to listen to music anywhere with the ability to connect to other devices such as microphones, music storage or smartphones.

🍃 A radio that you will love to rediscover in your speakers, radio and even the alarm clock, we will talk about it again !!

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