Baker Tilly International appoints global executive director

LONDON- (BUSINESS WIRE) – Baker Tilly International is pleased to announce the appointment of Francesca Lagerberg as Chief Executive Officer of the Global Network.

Ms. Lagerberg has more than 25 years of experience in professional services, most recently as a global leader with a mid-level network specializing in cross-border and international business support. Ms. Lagerberg has been an advocate of diversity and inclusion in meetings for many years and has worked directly with senior management teams on their integration strategies.

Alan Whitman, President of Baker Tilly International International and CEO of Baker Tilly US, LLP, said Ms. Lagerberg is the right leader at the right time to lead a growing global network as she accelerates her strategic markets.

“Francesca is an advanced leader who brings rich experience and has a unique perspective of leadership at the level of the company and the global network,” said Mr. Whitman.

“With Francesca’s leadership, we will inspire our customers and our people to create a bold tomorrow.”

Baker Tilly International was founded in 1988. Since then, the network has expanded to 148 territories with more than 39,000 people and revenues in excess of $ 4 billion. Mrs. Lagerberg is the first woman to lead a global network.

Ms Lagerberg said: “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join Baker Tilly, a network with significant ambitions and breadth, and I look forward to working with our member companies at the next stage of growth and development.”

Mrs. Lagerberg will take over the position from June 1 from former CEO Ted Verkade, who holds a broader leadership role in the profession. Mr. Verkade was on the board of Baker Tilly International for 19 years.

Baker Tilly is the world’s leading provider of accounting, assurance and consulting services with more than 39,000 people in 148 territories. This year’s IAB World Survey ranks Baker Tilly International 10th in terms of both total global revenue and global staffing.


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