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Holder Barcelona continued his scorching form, destroying Wolfsburg in the first half of the Women’s Champions League semi-finals to win his first 5-1 victory at Camp Nou on Friday.

In front of the world record of 91,648 spectators at Camp Nou, Barcelona repeatedly caught Wolfsburg with a flat foot in the first half.


“One of the keys was to start well and involve the crowd. Our attitude and level of play was the best we could give, and society encouraged us to do so. In the first five minutes, we had three options that helped us and demoralize our opponents, “said Jonathan Giraldes, coach of Barcelona.

The number of visitors exceeded 91,553, which was reached three weeks ago at the Camp Nou Stadium, beating Barcelona in the Real Madrid quarterfinals.

“We’ll remember it when we’re older. It’s so special to live that day,” said Barcelona midfielder Patricia Guizaro.

The captain of Wolfsburg agreed.

“It’s unusual for women’s football,” said Dominik Jansen.

Barcelona scored 146 goals in 27 games, winning the Spanish league title and scoring 32 goals in the Champions League, but the team had failed to score in the previous four battles with Wolfsburg.

After two minutes, Aitana Bonmati made a spectacular save. A pass to the side pulled the defense out of position which let Fridolinina Rolfo slip through on goal.

“We knew what their shortcomings were in terms of protection,” Giraldes said.

Caroline Graham Hansen added a second after 10 minutes. Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic stole the ball and played it to the Norwegian, who had enough time to choose his finish.

After 33 minutes, Marta Torrejona came in from the right, feinted, then sped past the off-balance defender to put away the 1 – 0 goal, giving Jennifer Hermoso the lead.

Golden ball winner Alexi Putellas inevitably joined the goalkeepers, standing out and improving the center’s defenders as she ran through the ball and sent the goalkeeper to Almut Schult.

“It’s probably one of the best first halves we’ve had this season,” said Giraldes.

Krnogortsevic noticed at the beginning of the second half that the blow from a close distance had been taken from the outside, and although Barcelona continued to create opportunities, his final touch was less convincing as Shult repulsed the string.

With 73 minutes played, Jill Rurds of Wolfsburg fell dramatically just outside the penalty area

But with five minutes left, Putellas regained a four-goal lead. She broke into the box and pulled out the awkward Jansen challenge. He then hit the penalty spot in the corner.

“We never even score against Wolfsburg, let alone defeat them, but we showed our ambition, and that is the beauty of football,” Gijarro said. “They turned us off two years ago, and today we played it.”

Barcelona handled 20 shots during the game, while the Bundesliga leaders only three.

“It was incredible to experience this atmosphere tonight, but it can’t be considered an excuse,” Wolfsburg striker Tabea Vasmut said.

The teams will meet in Wolfsburg on April 30. The winner of the final will meet Lyon or Paris Saint-Germain. The French team will play the first game on Sunday

“It’s clear that Barca can already plan their way to the finals,” said Wolfsburg coach Tommy Strout. “Our job will be to show a different face.”

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