Batch. Fitness walkway laid out in Figec

Members of the Maison des séniors tested Géromou’s health sports course, installed at the Chemin de la Curie in Figec. (© SC)

It was inaugurated on Thursday, April 7, 2022 Gerom’s medical sidewalkbuilt nearby The road of the manor to FIGin the presence of elected representatives, representatives of AG2R, SCOP lotoise Géromouv ‘, sports leaders and members Henri Molini’s Home for the Elderly.

This course health in sports it is intended mainly for seniors to enable them regular physical activity.

Playground installed between the parking lot, the playground and the La Curie park

Cooperative Production Company (SCOP), based in Labastide-Marnhac, Geromouv ‘creates outdoor routes based on wooden modules, devised and designed for seniors. It is in the service of communities, autonomous homes, retirement homes or social landlords. Its goal is to reintegrate seniors into the heart of social life by practicing outdoor activities.

Between the car park, the playground and the La Curie park, around three already installed fitness modules, five recycled wooden modules were installed in the autumn of 2021. Equipped with beams, ramps or stairs, they allow you to work on balance, dexterity, improve your support or even strengthen your tone. This ludo-physics course is not exclusively for seniors. It is open to everyone, it is an excellent tool for rehabilitation or motor exercise. It is located near the La Curie hiking trail, which is very popular with sports enthusiasts and Figeacoise families.

On that day, under the leadership of the sports leader, a group of members of the Maison des séniors, Henri Molinié, came to test this Géromouv field. The weekly meetings of customized physical activities, prepared by Florian Théron, an animator at the Maison des séniors, should put this equipment into operation quickly.

Equipment available to all

At the beginning of the project Isabelle Poujoula, of Geromouv ‘, testifies to the usefulness of such a device. “Today we have 25 courses of this type in France. It gives the target the desire to go exercise activities. We work here to prevent falls and strengthen muscles. In terms of materials and construction, everything is done locally. »

The project was initiated by the AG2R La Mondiale social action and fully funded (€ 40,000) under the “Aging Well” program. Partner since 2016, AG2R has again decided to support Geromouv in this project, explains Jean Ouitis, one of the administrators. “Our pension fund supports current topics such as autonomy, caregiver support, health prevention for the elderly and physical activity adapted to this. This equipment is a great stepping stone between generations. »

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