Battlegrounds Mobile India has announced a partnership with Great British Teddy Bear

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), one of the country’s most popular mobile games, has recently entered into a unique partnership with the prestigious soft toy brand and global intellectual property owner The Great British Teddy Bear Company. From 2022 June 24 players will be able to purchase a specially designed BGMI-themed GB Teddy Bear along with British characters from the British Teddy Bear Company, including Robin Hood Teddy Bear and Sherlock Holmes. game friends.

Along with new friends, players will be able to access new and exclusive GB teddy bear sets from the GB teddy bear set and the GB teddy bear cap to the GB teddy bear ornament and the GB teddy bear parachute. 2002 The Great British Teddy Bear Company, based in England, has built an international reputation for producing the best British teddy bears. Each GB Teddy Bear character, steeped in history, celebrates an iconic part of British culture and tradition.

The Great British Teddy Bear Company is a great partner for Battlegrounds Mobile India, a game designed to give players a diverse, high-quality gaming experience that explores a wide range of themes, cultures and fan bases through significant IP collaboration.

More about the British company Teddy Bear

The British teddy bear company, which in 2002 founded by the Yessup family, became one of the owners of the world ‘s best intellectual property, permeated by history. It is endorsed by the British Prime Minister and the royal family and elected by Hollywood stars

Each GB Teddy Bear individually is famous and adds value to the products and partnerships they support. Together, the GB Teddy Bear family represents the best in British quality, culture, history and traditions.

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