BD Introduces World’s First Spectral Cell Sorter with High-Speed ​​Imaging Technology to Sort Cells by Visual Characteristics

The new BD FACSDiscover ™ S8 cell line features a breakthrough in BD CellView imaging technology described earlier this year on the cover of the magazine. Science. It is the first cell sorting device to combine advanced spectral flow cytometry with sorting image analysis, potentially allowing researchers to obtain more accurate data and sort cells that were previously unidentifiable.

“This advancement in cell sorting fills a long-standing gap in biomedical research, enabling researchers to perform high-parameter experiments by quickly inspecting and sorting cells with specific, visualized features of interest,” said Dr. Xin Maggie Wang, Director of Research Operations, Westmed Medical Research Institute. “Researchers performing spectral flow cytometry actually give them more confidence in the results by seeing the cells they interact with and allow them to see the cells like never before and answer questions that may have been unimaginable before.

Cell sorting using spectral flow cytometry is the most advanced method that captures the full-spectrum signal emitted by sample preparation rather than specific bands, as with traditional flow cytometry, allowing researchers to sort cells using more parameters to better understand human health, disease, and treatment.

The BD FACSDiscover ™ S8 Cell Sorter combines advanced spectral flow cytometry with the new BD CellView ™ imaging technology, which captures images of individual cells flowing through the system and sorts them according to detailed microscopic image analysis of each at high sorting speeds. This combination allows researchers to gain more accurate insights into cell populations and characteristics that can be visually confirmed in real time, as well as interviewing and sorting cells that were previously unidentifiable, all in a simplified experimental workflow. The BD FACSDiscover 8 S8 Cell Sorter is the first BD instrument to feature BD CellView video technology.

“By combining the power of high-parameter spectral flow cytometry with this unprecedented image of the cell and its internal function, we are defining a new standard for cell sorting and putting cell power in the hands of the researcher,” he said. Puneetas Sarinas, World President of BD Biosciences. The BD FACSDiscover S8 Cell Sorter with BD CellView imaging technology is another legacy of BD legacy in flow cytometry innovation and leadership, and along with additional tools such as our new spectrally optimized BD Horizon RealYellow and RealBlue reagents, we are excited to to see how the scientific community will use it to make advanced discoveries in less time and with greater confidence, as well as discover new applications that can help shape the future of health.

For more information on the BD FACSDiscover ™ S8 Cell Sorter, visit the CYTO 2022 Conference, BD Sales Representatives, and e-mail. s8.

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