Bernard Delvaux: “The housing deficit is widespread and structural in the world”

Bernard Delvaux, who recently arrived at Etex (building materials), is coming as the company generates record profits for 2021.

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Journalist in the Department of Economics

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AFormer Sonaca emblematic chief (Walloon aeronautics sector) Bernard Delvaux has been at the helm of the Belgian company Etex for six months, a discreet company specializing in the production of building materials (gypsum boards, fiber cement, insulation, fire protection, etc.), employing 11,500 people in 110 factories in 45 countries. The first points out that he inherited a healthy and successful company and that he has only been there for a short time. Nevertheless, he is the one who predicts the best results in the company’s history for 2021, a year marked by the persistent effects of the Covid pandemic around the world. With a turnover of 2.97 billion and a recurring operating cash flow (Rebitda, company profit before interest, taxes, etc.) of 570 million, Etex did well.

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