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Live A Live gives players the chance to enjoy its eight chapters in any order they choose. However, there is an optimal order that we recommend depending on whether you want to gradually increase the difficulty or the complexity of the narrative.

Some of Live A Live’s stories are complex and don’t give you any advance training or effort to get a feel for the battle system before going into battle, so it’s not a good idea to start with them.

Live A Live: The best sequence of the game in increasing difficulty

  1. Wild West: The easiest and shortest chapter. Enemies can be reduced to four or less and only involve one battle. You have a lot of ranged skills so you can take down enemies from a safe distance.
  2. Far Future: No Detours and the final boss fight. However, here is where you can use the secret arcade enter the virtual zone and in shape until you fully master the grid-based strategies of Live A Live. The game can be accessed using Memory Card you are from Kirk’s room.
  3. Today: There is no going left or right. Only six boss fights and the final seventh. You can choose to fight all six in any order, however the advice here is to avoid going head-to-head. Tula Khan first because his movies can block your moves as well as dodge Seishi Moriabe as his celestial palm can give you a lot of damaging status effects.
  4. Imperial China: This chapter actually involves a lot of boss fights, but the good news is that you have the option to equip your fighter accordingly and spend all your time. practice points and odds per character. You also get a one time use for the final fight super attack which reduces the health of the boss, making your life easier.
  5. Background: Although it was usually suggested earlier, I chose to include it here because you struggle a lot without yours healerand you may need too arts and crafts items to gain an advantage in combat, which can be confusing if you don’t know what to do.
  6. Near future: The skill here is a little bit Randomly, and features some really tough boss fights as well as a completely open world where enemies lurk around every corner. You may also need grind a bit in this technique and unlock many of Akira’s techniques as your turtle companion doesn’t level up or gain new techniques.
  7. Edo Chair in Japan: One of the most difficult and confusing scenarios, no matter how you want it. Whether you want to kill all the NPCs or leave them untouched, you’ll still have to do it grind. There are no shops or crafting places, so you have to collect everything healing materials and items on your own. It can also be very difficult to figure out how to complete the dungeon since Maps and Rader are both not clear sufficient.
  8. Middle Ages: Unlocks only after 7 main chapters. It’s not really hard, but some of the stronger members of your party will ditch you halfway through, so you should always grind the main character a bit follow random encounters exclusive to this chapter.


In each chapter you will need to upgrade your character accordingly as you will be using them all the ultimate prison. The characters we’ve chosen from previous chapters benefit from automatic story upgrades, so they don’t require a lot of player work. Starting from the backstory and working your way up, you’ll need to not only level up your characters, but also collect the best weapons and items, as there aren’t many opportunities to do so in the grand finale. This guide also keeps the last dungeon in mind and arranges the previous chapters accordingly.


Best game sequence in narrative complexity

Some stories that include the same central theme of “The End of the Cycle of Vengeance” are more subtle and ambiguous about the telling of that story than others. Players who want to experience the game in a way that gradually introduces the main theme of the game should play in the following order.

  1. Background: The least complicated story because it just doesn’t have one everything is written lines. It’s easy to understand and recognize what the chapter is trying to say by watching how the final battle unfolded.
  2. Wild West: In this chapter, the message of the game is placed on a silver dish. Complete the cycle and overcome your fears and old self. As you help the townspeople defend against the raiders, you will also understand how you should live as a human.
  3. Today: Another simple question that just boils down to whether killing your opponents or leaving them unharmed is the right way to go. Acts as a good setup for the next chapter.
  4. Edo Chair Japan: A chapter where you have to put into practice what you have learned in the previous chapters, because here you have a real choice kill your enemies (and innocents) or leave everyone alone. Although he has a choice, the game assumes the answer, as the final scene shows.
  5. Near future: A little harder to digest because as an orphan you don’t really have any guidance. It also includes scientific jargon, inhumanely Experimentation and riot police vs. street gangs were hot topics in 90s Japan, so it could be a lot to figure out if you’re just starting out and don’t know what to make of it all.
  6. Imperial China: A typical chapter inspired by martial artist movies, but in addition to conquering yourself, you also have to help your followers overcome their flaws and become the perfect versions of themselves. The Chinese Master (Shifu) is a man of few words, so the background of the previous chapters will help you see this scenario in a new light.
  7. Far Future: A mysterious and terrifying chapter where nothing really makes sense. You are a robot left with the last feelings of humanity in a place where all humanity has been lost. It will give you a fresh perspective on everything you’ve experienced so far, and the context of everything you know will help you achieve your maximum intended impact, both in this chapter and beyond.
  8. Medieval: The chapter before the finale explains the reasons for everything and at the same time shows you why you were training and fighting in the first place. This chapter is what really makes the message and how it is presented in video game form unique.

In the final dungeon, you will also have the option to start a chapter with a character of your choice. This is important so that only the hero chosen in the final will be able to talk to the villain and give little speech which acts as a reward for the growth you experience during your journey. If you want to see your character’s reaction to the verbalization of the arc, be sure to start the last troop with him, gather the rest of the team and reveal the true ending. In this way, everything about the chosen character will come full circle.

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