Between padel and quizzes, Arena is a real entertainment center!

Located in La Primaube, the complex, well known in Routenau for its padel courts, continues to grow and now opens up to the world of entertainment. Karaoke, quizzes and darts are on offer here.

On the left the padel court, on the right various games, interspersed with the bar area in the center and its four flat screens… The Arena complex, located in the Amourals artisan area, in La Primaube, has something for everyone. almost all flavors! And many people understood this well about the Russians.

From Padel Tolosa Rodez…

Since opening almost two years ago, this space has become famous. First of all because of its main function of being a padel complex, a racquet sport whose popularity originates from the other side of the Pyrenees and is growing in popularity in France. “Actually, it's incredible, Soline Arnal, one of the arena's five employees, can't believe it. Popular slots must now be booked at least a week in advance! The site, named Padel Tolosa Rodez for its sports section, continues to evolve. Three tournaments of this form of tennis are organized every week, played by four players. And even a school was created that gave each of its members one course a week. “It's a sport for many people and for almost all age groups”– the young woman excuses herself.

… in the quiz room

But today, padel is only the tip of the iceberg. Following a phase of work, the area was converted including futsal and squash courts to create a large reception area and several games rooms. Karaoke, quizzes and darts have been on offer for a few months now, turning the simple sports complex into a real place to live. “When they first arrive, people are quite surprised to find that Rodez is this type of place”, smiles Soline. Specifically, this expansion has been particularly enabled by the acquisition of the Quiz Room franchise, which offers a variety of themed one-hour games played by a minimum of four people. It is enough to vary the pleasures. “Many companies organize team building or after work events”, emphasizes the employee. Because apart from this activity, the place is meant to be friendly. The reception has a bar and broadcasts all major sporting events. “For most, it's 1 hour 30 minutes of padel and an hour after that for a drink with friends”, analyzes Soline. Enough ideas for this holiday season, racket or bell in hand!

Open 7 days a week, from Monday to Saturday at 20:30. For padel session: €12 per person, quiz room: €20 per person.

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