“Béziers is all angry,” the president of ASBH did not say.

The failure of Bourg-en-Bresse after the match, which will not remain a kind of investment, was very disappointing. And not just ASBH.

Like many people, ASBH Chairman Jean Michel Vidal found it difficult to digest the defeat of his players against Bourg-en-Bresse (21-24). He believes that some players have not done the work that was required of them. They suddenly ruined the end of the season, which could be playful. He scores two games from the end.

How did you experience this defeat against Bourg-en-Bresse?

The players, not everyone, did not respect themselves, did not respect the club or their supporters. They did everything in reverse. Beating Burgu, Rouen fled. Then we would have faced a team from Rouen who no longer had anything to play for and who would therefore have been a little less motivated.

Then we were able to have a big party against Carcassonne and maybe even a qualification. If they can’t motivate themselves for these types of games, you really have to ask yourself questions.

How exactly do you explain this behavior?

They may have considered themselves what they are not. Or mentally they are not on the level and it is serious. Maybe they thought that the apple was enough to beat the team below them. If so, it’s unprofessional. That’s why everyone in Béziers is angry, like a partner, a club, the mayor involved or supporters.

We feel annoyed, don’t we?

We are becoming a regular mid-table club again, and that bothers me. I don’t know what the team will do in the last two games. Knowing that last year players gave up when they knew they were being maintained. This time it was not about maintenance, it was about qualifications.

So it is incomprehensible. Not to mention that they are being spit on by some supporters who do not stop criticizing them. They missed the perfect opportunity to silence them. They didn’t have that pride! I don’t blame those who had a bad game. It can happen. I blame those who lacked investment and desire.

Will this not call into question the renewal of certain contracts?

Everything is already done. We will sign our best elements and, above all, keep our young people, Gabin Lor, Maxim Espetta, Pierre Curto, Paul Requeror, Romans Urutia, Paul Alcier or Lucca Nucci. We will always rely on our training center as it allows us to progress.

I am also convinced that, in order to face Bourg-en-Bresse, if there were young people there with their carelessness and desire to play, they would have pulled out those who fell asleep. Since these young people are here to win, it’s in their culture, not to have fun.

Have you set a goal for the players in the last two matches?

The only goal they need to have is to show that they have some pride in making a mistake in the match. Because it’s not the same as finishing seventh than ninth.

The door was open, it was not taken. In addition, we had decided to give them a bonus in the event of a qualification. Surcharge, so they will sit on it.

Aren’t you afraid that this broken end of the season will scare off one of your partners?

We are lucky with Béziers partners who really like this club and who are here. We are not worried about this level.

But the loss of Burgam, I repeat, is a lack of respect for them. Although they have always been there, even when the matches took place behind closed doors because of Covid and no one came to the stadium.

In any case, the qualification is missing, the goal set at the beginning of the season was not achieved …

That was our goal, although I knew it would be difficult. Even if the end of this season doesn’t suit me, I’m still convinced that if we hadn’t had a lot of injuries in a month and a half because we were under seventeen, it would have been different.

We probably wouldn’t have lost Aurillac or Aix … In any case, Bourg-en-Bresse can’t be said to have been injured …

What do you see next season?

We will keep the same budget, ie EUR 8.20 million. The aim is to continue to stabilize before moving back to new foundations and then increasing the budget. The goal is not to blow up the counters yet.

In terms of selection, which positions will be strengthened?

We will prioritize the right pillar, the hook, the wrong side, the center.

Expectations in the search for “qualifications” against … Burgu!

ASBH Espoirs will host Bourg-en-Bresse on the main square of Raoul-Barrière Stadium this Saturday at 3 p.m.

In second place behind Oyonnax, if Biterrois wins with an attack bonus point, they will definitely finish ahead of Massy, ​​3. Therefore, they will be mathematically qualified for the final stages. Even before the last match in Carcassonne.

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