Blizzard apologizes for World of Warcraft insurance mess

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Blizzard apologized to players after a recent wave of World of Warcraft bans. Some consumers have been banned from making real money transactions (RMT), even though they have violated other rules of the consumer agreement.

According to PCGamesN, messages have started coming from World of Warcraft players in which people share fears that their accounts have been blocked in error. The reason for the ban was “exploitation activities: transactions with real money”, which means spending real money buying gold in the game through third-party sites. Many of these players later received a second insurance email, this time for account sharing.

After a while, Blizzard commented on the situation: the original wording of the reason for the ban was “real money transactions”, the bans were in fact intended to share accounts and were deliberately made by the company.

A member of Blizzard’s support staff apologized on behalf of the company for the confusion that might have arisen as a result of this situation, explaining:

There was a wave of insurance tonight – unfortunately, some players mistakenly received the wrong RMT message. The second insurance they were supposed to receive was the same insurance that was originally intended for them.

World of Warcraft RMT and account sharing can go hand in hand. This is because some players use a service that pays real money to other players, who in turn go to payers’ accounts to “upgrade” them.

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