Blizzard Closes One of World of Warcraft Stories in End of Eternity Update

Firm Blizzard has posted a video of the game, which is shown to the attackers of the Eternal Tomb after defeating the enslaved Anduin. After the amendment is released, access to the raid is open, although its mythical gravity will only appear next week, March 9th. Then the players World of Warcraft will be able to meet with the Prison Supervisor.

The battle with the new King of the Alliance was not easy. Due to heroic difficulties, he surrendered to the American Guild. Liquid only after a day and a half and after the company reduced the damage to the boss and the health of his assistants.

Beware of spoilers!

As for the video of the plot itself, it features an important plot spoiler that will disappoint those who hoped for a sequel to the story of one of the major characters in the universe. Warcraft. Released from the prison warden, with the help of the souls of Varian Wrynn and Saurfang, Anduin frees the tortured spirit of Arthas Menethil and it disappears forever.

Such a passing finale in the life of the Lich King angered players, as did the renewed emphasis on Sylvan’s suffering. As dissatisfied, neither Jaina, who was Arthos ’bride, nor his former teacher, Uther, were given a word in the video.

Earlier, Blizzard assured that Arthos ’story is of paramount importance to the universe. Warcraft, and they don’t want to introduce this character to the Dark Worlds story just for fan service. You can now see how the intentions were implemented.

Translation of the dialogue

Prisoner (via Anduin): Don’t you understand? He is in my power.

Silvanas: Anduin!

Jail guard: Realize your ultimate destiny. Destruction is the destiny of all who wear my blade.

Varian Wrynn: Son, this knife does not belong in the dark. He was fake with bravery …

Varokas Saurfangas: … and honor.

Varian Wrynn: His legacy and ours – even here with you.

Varokas SaurfangasA: Let’s finish this now.

Anduin: Artas …

Jaina: Is that all that’s left of him?

Uter: The last flash of his tormented spirit consumed by the forges of a prison warden.

Silvanas: Without crown. Jokio sosto. And even without a soul to judge. I hated you, I hunted you. But with every selfish act, I became more and more yours. That is my burden. And your legacy is over. Say goodbye, Arthas Menethil. Let the last sound of your name disappear and it will be forgotten!

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