Blockchain becomes a core technology with Open Rights Exchange (ORE)

The emergence of cryptocurrencies and DeFi has convinced companies in all industries to rely on a chain of blocks. However, the transition from a traditional business model to a blockchain model that implements directly in your services can be challenging. BROWN (Open Rights Exchange) offers to simplify the process and thus make the technology available to the general public.

Problems with adapting a blockchain and using its applications

DeFi has revolutionized the financial sector by creating alternatives peer existing financial services and institutions. Despite its potential, technology is currently slow, fragmented, and difficult to understand. However, speed and a simple user experience are essential for the widespread adoption of this blockchain program. In fact, the transactions that take place at DeFi. operates on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) operating in isolated ecosystems. Their diversity makes it difficult to obtain wealth.

In addition, it is unrealistic for a company to expect its customers to fully understand the complexity of standard cryptocurrency wallets and wallets with private or public keys. This is’another detail that slows down the mass adoption and availability of each DeFi protocol and tool. In addition, mastering the portfolio is not enough to reach the whole ecosystem. In fact, DeFi’s liquidity is fragmented, so gates need to be used to access the many resources inherent in their block chain. Businesses therefore need to facilitate consumer access to the whole ecosystem.

Open Rights Exchange Solution

BROWN (Open Rights Exchange) is a chain of blocks for allows users to manage secure cryptocurrency identities and resources across multiple networks. It has developed a single sign-on system that links users ’emails. email addresses, Google logins, and social media profiles via ORE ID. This creates cryptocurrency key pairs that interact with multiple block circuits, even for cloud users. An ORE ID is essentially stateless and an unreliable solution that does not contain personally identifiable information.

By focusing precisely on the information required, identity management systems can add even more value to blockchain technology and make user authentication more secure. The multi-link ORE ID wallet strategy allows novice users to take the first steps with DeFi. So it is it is easier for them to navigate between blocks of chains to find decentralized financial services which best meet their expectations. This solution is already compatible with Ethereum, Algorand, EOS and Binance Smart Chain.

Open the rights exchange Fully democratizes access to DeFi with secure accounts and a multi-link global identity registry. This interoperability solution, where the user can control their identity, will accelerate the uptake of the blockchain by the general public.

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