Bollore intends to sell its logistics branch

According to the French newspaper The world who reported the information this Friday, “In the past, the businessman [Bolloré] he has already offered for sale of large goods, before giving up “. According to new revelations, Bolloré he would also have entrusted the American investment bank Morgan Stanley study the sale of one of its branches specializing in logistics in Africa, Bolloré Africa Logistics. Last year, Logistics of Africa it recorded a turnover of 2.1 billion euros. It employs over 20,000 people and operates in over 20 African countries.

The American bank, in fact, would have been commissioned by the group to explore the interests of potential buyers in all discretion, including large shipping companies such as CMA CGM And Maersk who would be tempted by the offer. According to the French media, the value of Bolloré Africa Logistics it is estimated at between 2 and 3 billion euros. According to other sources, Bolloré may also have just assessed the value of the assets in Africa, without this leading to the sale as had happened in the past.

Bolloré will always be in Africa

Even if the group were to sell this branch of the conglomerate, it would still continue to operate in several other sectors in Africa, including energy and communication. In all cases, Bolloré Africa Logistics business man permission, Vincenzo Bollore, to make a fortune thanks to its port and railway activity in Africa. The company operates in three railway concessions, in the storage and transport of goods and in agriculture in Africa.

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