Brittany unveils its Glaz scientific platform around coastal ecosystems – Brittany

Who is running this project?

Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy, co-founder of Glaz: The universities of Brest, Rennes, Nantes, CNRS, Inrae and Ifremer are launching this coordination platform, which brings together 17 laboratories and at least 500 researchers on the terrestrial ecosystem and the coastal theme. This world-class research infrastructure has the potential to detect, anticipate and support the socio-environmental transitions that will affect terrestrial and coastal ecosystems in the coming decades.

What is special about this seven-year funded project?

It links observational sciences and the humanities to better understand phenomena. Water, pollutants (movements, sources and impacts), coastal problems with sea level rise Brittany is being organized to better understand and act on these phenomena. At one time, a person and his actions were identified as a problem. We want to show that this is also the solution.

Jean Reinald de Dresee (CNRS) is one of the co-founders of this Brittany Coordination Platform. (The Telegram / Stéphane Jézéquel)

What is its added value?

Thanks to this platform, its innovative nature and its multidisciplinary approach, Brittany is becoming a land of experimentation and feedback for other parts of the planet. We aim to become a European and global benchmark in research on this land and sea continuum.

Who is funding this cooperation mechanism and for what purposes?

State, region, metropolitan, departmental councils for 7 years (2026) and a budget of 8 million euros. This work in Brittany can be used in many other parts of the world to link hydrology, geography and agronomy with the humanities and political sciences. Linking upward and downward issues to address future solutions in a constructive vision between man and nature.

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