Broadcasting. What is the future of the three genetically modified Chinese girls?

The first genetically modified children were born in China three years ago. Scientist He Jiankui, who is behind this illegal experiment, has just been released from prison. Today, three little girls named Lulu, Nana and Amiya are still alive. And their existence continues to provoke intoxicating ethical debates.

Today, the question arises about their future. Is their health at risk? How to protect them? And what will happen to their offspring?

Hervé Morins, Head of Science and Medicine The worldtells, this episode of the podcast “L’Heure du Monde” is a story about these little girls and the questions of scientists for years to come.

Episode produced by Jeanne Bozek, directed by Amandin Robilar and directed by Morgane Tuala.

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