BSI received the award for best biotech startup in 2022

DAVIS, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Botanical Solution Inc. (BSI), an innovator of sustainable, consistent and cost-effective advanced botanical materials (ABM) for agricultural and pharmaceutical applications, received the “Best Biotech Startup of 2022” award from the World BioProtection Forum and was selected as a finalist in two more categories. This award was received by BSI Senior Vice President for Latin America Diego Ibañez, who was also one of the distinguished speakers at the main event held on 23 May in Birmingham, UK.

An international commission of 20 senior agricultural executives and research scientists has assessed dozens of successful projects based on a points system. The joint decision of the judges to award this BSI honor was based on the discovery, innovation, scientific value and successful commercialization of the new Quillibrium® biofungicide for fruit and vegetable growers worldwide. The judges also selected BSI as one of the ‘finalists’ for the most innovative research project and best collaboration of the year due to a strong partnership with Syngenta in Latin America.

BSI scientists have discovered that extracts of a tissue-grown tree native to Chile Quilting soap, they produce a powerful biofungicide that protects a wide range of fruits and vegetables from a wide range of plant diseases. An early stumbling block to commercial development was Chile’s deforestation law, which strictly bans logging Quilting soap trees. BSI overcame this hurdle by innovating and patenting a unique method of growing these trees right in the company’s own laboratories and then extracting the active ingredients while the trees are growing. in vitro… Baby trees. The same technology also drives BSI’s range of new candidates for biopesticides based on many plant species, ensuring an almost unlimited supply of raw materials and highly consistent active ingredients that have prevented traditional plants from reaching their true potential… so far.

The new botanical-based biofungicide Quillibrium, through its distributor Syngenta, is successfully used throughout Chile and Peru for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Quillibrium is awaiting regulatory approval in Mexico and the U.S., and will soon begin registration in additional countries to expand its global footprint.

BSI Executive Director Gastón Salinas said: “The BSI team is honored to receive the World Bioprotection Forum’s Best Biotechnology Launch Award. BSI is building a strong foundation to provide the world’s most advanced botanical biopesticides to fruit and vegetable growers around the world, starting with Quillibrium. We are creating a powerful range of products for the next generation of plant-based products. ”Gastón Salinas will be the keynote speaker at Biocontrol Latam on 16 Augustth in Santiago, Chile.

About BSI

BSI, Delaware Corporation, has a proprietary research and development platform for truly sustainable and improved production of consistent and high-quality advanced botanical materials (ABM). ABM-01 is the first ABM produced by a company based on a tissue-growing plant called Quilting soap. ABM-01 is the active ingredient used in two gold standard products, BSI’s biopesticide Quillibrium® and adjuvant QS-21, which is used in the development of modern vaccines. To learn more, visit us at

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