Businesses use Google Messages to bombard users with ads, and RCS time

Google has recently developed its Rich Communication Service, or RCS technology. In a recent blog post, Google even encouraged Apple to upgrade to iMessage with RCS support to enable new features.

However, Google does not appear to be using this technology properly. While the new Google Messages app has many features, such as multimedia sharing and message response, businesses and brands seem to be manipulating the app to display ads.

Google Messages RCS is used to send too many ads to users

According to several user reports, Indian companies use Google Messages RCS to send many ads to users. Verified accounts in India, including Kotak Mahindra Bank, Buddy Loan, Bajaj Finserv and PolicyBazaar accounts, send spam to users’ smartphones via Google Messages.

Although these ads are reported to have been running a year ago, their frequency is steadily increasing. Users have also pointed out that Google Messages shows these ads even on smartphones without SIM cards, as RCS is mostly dependent on an Internet connection.

What is RCS for businesses and how should it be used?

As mentioned on the Google Jibe website, Rich Communication Services (RCS) updates SMS with branding, rich media, interactivity and analytics. With RCS, businesses can deliver a branded interactive mobile experience directly to their default millions of people. ” . However, as Ishan Agarwal rightly pointed out on Twitter, ordinary users should not face this problem, especially when using the default messaging program installed on their smartphone.

Users may need to turn off RCS completely in their Google Messages program to get rid of these ads. Or, users can switch to another messaging app. While Google Messages is the default messaging app on Android smartphones, branded models like Samsung and Xiaomi have separate messaging apps.

These are the only ways to bypass these corporate ads with Google Message. Although Google has been heavily criticized for this issue, the company has so far neither acknowledged nor responded.

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