Canada – California Partnership on Climate Change

James McCarthy, Canadian Press

Los Angeles – Canada will work with California to fight climate change and protect the environment, prime minister Justin Trudo and governor Gevin Newom said on Thursday.

This partnership on climate action and conservation goes beyond the 2019 agreement between Canada and California to reduce vehicle emissions and will work to “provide clean air and” clean water, good jobs and healthy communities, “the joint statement said.

The two leaders point to similarities in current policies in Canada and California, including efforts to ban harmful disposable plastics, a commitment to clean electricity and healthy oceans, and conservation.

The agreement will facilitate the exchange of information and best practices as the world faces a shrinking window to avoid the worst effects of climate change. However, the announcement is also due to record high gasoline prices and high inflation on both sides of the border.

MM press conference. Trudo and Newom were busy on the second day of the prime minister’s second American summit in Los Angeles this week. Mr Trudo will meet with President Joe Biden on Thursday and then attend the first plenary session of American leaders. He must also meet with the President of Argentina before meeting with Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

The day before, Mr Trudo spent the day meeting with Latin American and Caribbean leaders to discuss ways to help them achieve their sustainable development goals.

Goldie Haider, president and CEO of Canada’s Business Council, says Canada should use Thursday to discuss its needs. “The world is changing (..) and new agreements are emerging in response,” said Haider, who wants Ottawa to be more assertive on U.S. bilateral issues.

Supply chains are changing in real time due to the long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and governments understand that the private sector has a key role to play, he added.

So Canada should ask, “How will we work together? How will we fight climate change? What will we do to ensure the integrity of the supply chain? ” recommends Haider.

“These are things we can work on together, the public and private sectors (…) We need to learn and do more if we want to help Canada navigate a very complex world.”

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