Carbios consolidates its leading position in the world in the biological processing of plastics and textiles

( — Carbs a pioneer in the development of enzyme solutions for the end-of-life of plastic and textile polymers, announces the publication of the article “An NMR look at an engineered PET depolymerase” in the international scientific journal Biophysical Journal.
Carbios scientists and its renowned partner Toulouse Biotechnology Institute (TBI) are at the forefront of enzymology research and innovate every day to optimize the end-of-life of plastics and textiles.

The article describes the use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometry to study the thermal stability of PET depolymerization enzymes and the mechanism of enzyme adsorption on the polymer.
This innovative approach, which took several months to develop, is a world first and opens up new ways to improve these enzymes. This publication confirms Carbios’ international leadership in the development of the most effective enzymes for plastic depolymerization and recycling.


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